Sunday June 23, 2019 - Afternoon High Tea

A selection of classical operatic songs will feature in a performance by soprano Molly Dzangare at the Meikles Hotel Sunday High Tea afternoon on June 23.

This is the latest in a series of Sunday High Teas, at which guests enjoy a delightful high tea and either hear a talk on an interesting issue or listen to a performance by local musical talent. These Sunday High Teas are proving popular and will be hosted from time to time to offer a stylish afternoon of enjoyment in the elegant and relaxing surroundings of the five-star Meikles Hotel.

Molly Dzangare was born and raised in Chitungwiza and sang with the musical group created by her father, the Chitungwiza Harmony Singers. While she was growing up her father introduced her to classical music and she fell in love with the wonders of the music of opera. With a voice well suited to this style of music, she started singing herself and over the years has received encouragement and training from such leading vocal teachers as Lorna Kelly, under whose guidance she became something of a household name among Harare’s classical music enthusiasts             

Now she is studying classical music at college in Cape Town and she – as well as her legion of fans – hopes this opens doors for her. Her talent and enthusiasm are such that all she needs is some good training and more than a few lucky breaks, and the world could well become her musical oyster.

On her mid-year vacation, she has decided to present a performance at the Sunday High Tea of June 23, accompanied by well-known pianist and teacher Carolyn Peto. The event will take place in Meikles Hotel, starting at 3pm with the serving of high tea and followed by the performance. Afterwards, Molly hopes to meet the guests and share her experiences with them.

It will be an afternoon of good music, good food and beverages and, it is hoped, good entertainment. It’s an event suited to all ages and as it is always so easy to come along to these Sunday afternoon events, here’s hoping many people will join in this exciting and enjoyable afternoon with Molly, Carolyn and the Meikles Hotel team.

Booking in advance is essential and can be done by calling the hotel on (024) 2707721 or e-mailing The cost of the high tea is $55 RTGS per person.