Bijou Beauty Salon at Meikles will pamper away the day's stresses

Imagine! A 30-minute complimentary massage when you stay in the luxurious Meikles North Wing or in a deluxe or honeymoon suite. That’s our small gift to you, as a special guest, and one we’re sure you will really enjoy.
Our Bijou Beauty Salon on the 12th floor of the South Wing adjoins and superbly complements the pool deck and pool cocktail bar in offering our guests total relaxation in a superb setting, with panoramic views of the city.
At our Bijou Salon you’ll meet Esmeralda (a therapist for 22 years) and her team – Valencia (14 years), Lillian and Angela, all qualified therapists and maintaining best updated practices through their valuable membership of the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology.
The salon consists of three beautifully equipped and private rooms where the team offers massages, facial, waxing, pedicure and manicure treatments. You don’t need to be a Meikles guest to book an appointment and the salon welcomes both men and women from 0900 – 2000.
Esmeralda, whose mother founded the salon, says that the most popular treatment is the relaxing one-and-a-half hour Swedish massage where clients may choose from three types of essential oils – geranium, lavender or citronella. “Geranium is the real favourite,” she says. “These aromatherapy massages are wonderfully relaxing and make our clients just fall asleep.”
The Bijou Salon uses the exclusive and acclaimed French beauty skincare product, Gatineau. This brand dates back to 1885 with the birth of the extraordinary Frenchwoman, Jeanne Gatineau, who devoted her entire life to beauty and opened her first salon in Paris in 1937. From the beginning all products have been developed in liaison with doctors and dermatologists and have included the pioneering of exfoliants.
Gatineau products at the Bijou Spa cater for all skin types – sensitive, dry, dehydrated, oily and radiant and include cleansers, toners, exfoliants & scrubs, masks, body care, foundations, throat and neck.
The word “Bijou” has been borrowed from the French and means a “rare gem” in English. It also means something elegant or highly-prized. All fitting words indeed for our Meikles Bijou Beauty Salon that is waiting to pamper away the day’s stresses.