Meet at Meikles in Harare and enjoy the finest buffet lunch for just US$20

“Meet me at Meikles” is a century-old invitation that has stood the test of time. Today it remains vibrantly true, especially when the meeting spot refers to the acclaimed Explorers’ Bar in Harare – the lively bar-lounge situated just off the Meikles Hotel ground-floor lobby.

The inviting and warm ambiance reflects the era of Africa’s greatest explorers and it’s here, in this cosy bar that fits 60 people, that the high-flyers of Harare business meet on a daily basis during the week. It’s the unchallenged City favourite for several good reasons.

There’s a daily Monday-Friday three-course buffet for just US$20 and the menu changes every day. On the day we visited for a superb lunch the menu was – Starter: mushroom soup. Main: grilled sirloin steak or chicken drumsticks (with rice, sadza and vegetables). Dessert : a selection.

Meikles Hotel Bars’ Manager, Tinashe Chipunza, enthuses that the Explorers’ Bar is very special – “it’s the most popular meeting place because we are in the heart of the city in easy walking distance for so many business people and they come for a quick, affordable and delicious buffet lunch or evening drinks. We also have two TV’s featuring all the best sport. We have a great staff and offer the finest service, so our customers are always in a happy mood.”

Tinashe has been Bars’ Manager at Zimbabwe’s most prestigious five-star hotel for the past four years. He is a proud product of Zimbabwe’s Hotel School in Bulawayo where he graduated after attending Mrewa High School. Before his senior current post he was a junior manager at The Victoria Falls Hotel and Restaurants’ Manager at Meikles.

“We have many regulars at Explorers” says Tinashe. “Usually from 12:30 until 2pm the bar is very full and buzzing. The most popular day is Thursday, especially in the evenings as that’s when conferences normally finish and the delegates mix happily with our local patrons.”

Tinashe and his team invite you to meet your friends and feel the magic at The Explorers’ Bar.