Zimbabweans the friendliest on Earth!

Zimbabweans are the friendliest people on earth! That’s the statement and challenge by the general manager of Harare’s famous five-star hotel Meikles.

When, nearing its centenary in 2015, Meikles Hotel graciously and stylishly moved into the modern era with a major facelift in late 2014 one critical element remained constant – acclaimed superior service.

“Our most important distinguishing factor is, and always has been, the human face of Meikles Hotel,” says general manager Tinashe Munjoma. “The finer aspects of five-star service are part of our rigorous every-day training programmes, but you can’t teach or force a smile. It’s inherent in local cultures and traditions to be genuinely friendly and welcoming - the sea of smiles that greets guests at Meikles is a wonderful natural attribute.”

Mr Munjoma suggests an internet poll and is confident that anyone who has ever travelled to Zimbabwe will eagerly vote for the country. “Indeed I believe that this poll is already there for all to see,” he says. “Just look at the Meikles Hotel Trip Advisor page and glance through the many reviews...the common thread proclaimed loud and clear in  99% of them expresses pure delight at the levels of service and helpfulness.

“Any hotel will suffer odds and ends of various gripes, but the one enduring and powerful positive of happy service reflects our rich pedigree over almost 100 years to the city of Harare. We already have the finest climate in the world...I'm certain we can add our friendly people to that list.” 

Of 130 Trip Advisor international guest reviews of Meikles Hotel about 70% award four and five star ratings. A recent review from Singapore states: “Stellar service....a league of its own and a real usp.”